Hospital facilities

Our services include the use of a fully-equipped surgery, front of house is held in a traditional three-storey building dating back to 1900s, retaining its charming traditional appearance.There are three consultation rooms, one of which with blackout facilities for eye examinations.

The hospitalization facilities are contained purpose built extension to the rear allowing for a laboratory, separate cat and dog wards, each with their own isolation facilities, a surgical suite, a surgical preparatory room with a separate diagnostics room.

The laboratory enables us to perform in house blood tests including haematology, electrolytes and biochemical analysis as well as tests for certain infectious diseases (FIV, FeLV, Parvo) and pancreatitis.

The lab also allows us to carry out staining and examination of samples and urinalysis. The diagnostics suite contains facilities for radiograph, ultrasonography, endoscopy, ECG, blood pressure measurement and tonometry (measure the pressure inside the eye).

The surgical suite is fully equipped with two surgical tables, scrub area, pulse oximetry, anaesthetic machines with isoflourane gas, both monopolar electrocautery and diathermy, also specialized equipment allowing for orthopaedic procedures to be carried out.